Services We Offer

With our own background in the real estate industry, we know how quickly large amounts of money move in and out of your name. This can make your taxes complex and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With our tax preparation, tax planning, and accounting financial services we can make filing taxes easy and cost-efficient because we’ll help you save money, too. We utilize our knowledge and skills to ensure your financial wealth. When you choose GJR for your financial services, you’re choosing a high-quality, hard-working team that provides results.

Financial Advising

Growing a business can be hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. We recognize the unique challenges you may face, and with our expertise, we make growing and managing your finances a breeze. Aligning your business objectives with your personal goals is critical at any stage of your business. We consult with you to discover your financial goals and dreams, and then carve out the right path for you.

Tax Planning

Successful income tax preparation and filing begins with proper tax planning. Our creative tax planning and expert tax preparation services ensures your business remains successful.

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation that maximizes changing tax benefits in the short run, while minimizing tax liability in the long run.


Accurate books are the backbone of a successful business, and can help you improve your overall financial health with full service bookkeeping and accounting.

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